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Looking to book your Commission Experience?


YES! If you’d like to not only give the gift of finished artwork but also the experience of the creative process that brings it to life, you can purchase Gift Certificates for a Commission Experience in my shop. You choose the size, make the all-inclusive payment and they get the Gift Certificate with all the instructions on how to get started booking their commission. Gift Certificates purchased during the 2018 holiday season are guaranteed a commission spot in 2019. The Experience includes: communication with me to figure out the vision for the piece, photo updates to document the process, behind-the-scenes glimpse into my studio and opportunity for feedback in real-time all via text message, and domestic shipping of the finished custom piece on canvas, signed, dated and ready to hang. Super creative, super thoughtful and super easy.

What is "Documenting the Process"?

I offer two ways you can see how your custom painting was made, start to finish. I find that the magic is in the artistic process- the part no one else usually sees- but if you're going to live with this piece of art, you should feel truly connected to it. Read the options for Documenting the Process.


Don't worry, this is a mystery to most people and every artist works a bit differently. I like to start out asking a few questions to get a feel for what you're looking for. At the bottom of this page is a form. Fill that out to get started right away! Another option is to get an Advanced Booking. Periodically I open up my schedule for a limited time and offer an incentive for clients to book in advance. I get some predictability in my schedule and they get a discount on the cost of shipping or one of the Documenting the Process packages. Win-win. The Booking Fee locks in your spot on my schedule and is applied to the Non-refundable Deposit. It also helps clients plan ahead financially and have something fun to look forward to. I may have spots available outside of these incentive periods, so feel free to ask. You can always book but it's more fun to get free stuff, right? If you want a heads up about when I'm offering Advanced Bookings, sign up for my email list and you'll be the first to know.

How much does it cost to commission a painting?

Great question. The answer is, it totally depends. It depends on the cost of materials, how labor-intensive the process is, the size of the piece and the timeline. For example, a Rush Fee may apply. I take the pricing (or “going rate”) of my recently sold paintings into account when calculating the cost of a commission to make sure everything is in alignment and to protect my collector’s investments, but as with any custom job, we need to factor in all the details first and agree on pricing within a contract before any money is exchanged or work is started. There are also options to add Updates and Evidence as ways to Document the Process which would add an additional fee. I periodically offer a discount to book in advance- if you'd like to be notified when that happens, sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know. If you want to get a general idea of my pricing structure, take a look at the prices in my shop or email me at with your desired size and I can give you a starting price.

How long will it take to receive my commissioned painting?

This also totally depends scheduling, whether or not I’m booked with other commissions and the size and scope of the piece. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, I will get to work according to the timeline agreed upon and outlined in the contract (usually 4-6 weeks.) That being said, painting is a process. There are many stages and many transformations that any one piece can have before it is “done.” Since this can take time and people get anxious to see their finished artwork, I’ve developed a way for people to stay connected to their commissioned piece throughout it’s evolution. If you choose to have your piece Documented with Updates, you will receive a combination of in-progress photos and/or videos and notes, and with that, a more intimate understanding of your art. If you ask me, the process is where the magic happens. 

Click the link for more information about how to Document the Process.

What if it’s done and I don’t like it?

Before the final payment is made we’ll chat and see how you feel about it. We’ll either review photos together online or view the actual piece in your space depending on where you live in relation to my studio. If you’re not totally in love, we can peek at the details of the contract and look for where it may have veered off track and clarify the desired results. If we decide that changes need to be made, I will give the piece my full attention for 1-2 more days of studio time at no additional cost.

If for some reason, you still don’t like it or have changed your mind, there are a few things we can do. First, if the piece is not completely specific to you (like a portrait of you and your kids) and it can be sold to another happy home, then I will keep the non-refundable initial deposit to cover the cost of materials and planning and that will be that. No further cost to you and the artwork stays with me. Another option is to amend the contract to include an additional amount of work at an additional cost to re-haul the painting and take it in a new direction. Finally, on the off chance that you decide that you don’t want a re-haul and I determine that I won’t be able to sell the very custom finished piece to someone else, the second and final payment will be due per the contract.

If you feel you may be anxious during this process and extremely attached to a specific outcome, it may be a great idea for you to Document the Process and receive periodic updates on the progress of your piece so that you can provide specific feedback throughout the journey that can help guide me on where to take it.

How does shipping work?

There are several options available to ship large packages and ensure the proper and careful packing of your commissioned piece. Generally, the size and weight of the project will determine the service. I have used Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and Artech successfully. Oversized work may need professional crating and for these cases and any artwork valued above $1000, third party insurance is recommended. In most cases you will get a tracking number so you can keep an eye on things. The cost of delivery and the purchasing of insurance is the responsibility of the collector and not included in the pricing on the contract, though estimates can be discussed at any time. The cost of shipping will be due along with the final payment after we review the finished piece together and before it is shipped.

For collectors in the Seattle area, arrangements can be made to pick up your artwork at my studio or if you prefer, we can schedule a time to view it in your space together before the exchange is finalized. The final payment is due by the end of this last meeting.

what forms of payment are accepted?

I sell work through a handful of websites, including this one, which accept credit card and pay pal payments. Commission payments and all other transactions are invoiced via pay pal. I do not accept checks and work does not ship until both the artwork and shipping are paid for by the collector. Custom payment plans are available upon request. Email for more information.


Once I receive your answers, I'll email you back with some ideas, a pricing quote and next steps. I look forward to your custom project!

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